Jessica Aguilar Bio

A type "A" go girl who is on a mission!

Jessica is an amazing individual in terms of her priorities in life, passionate work ethic, how she is continually seeking out others to help, is greatly appreciated for her huge heart; and in addition to just being incredible warm and caring human being – Jessica is also an extremely fierce competitor, and demonstrates this every time she steps onto a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) mat or into a fighting ring or cage. The transformation from her "girl next door" demeanor into her "warrior fighting" mode must be seen to appreciate, as it all starts with the perpetual twinkle in her eyes morphing into a laser focused determination that can best be described as a pure predator mode. Hard to imagine, even when you are observing this 1st hand, as Jessica perpetually beams and radiates positive energy that is 2nd to none, then as if a switch has been flicked on, this petite 115 pound sweetie instantaneously becomes an absolute fighting machine as her eyes alone tell you that there will simply be no escape from her explosive aggressive fighting style. Yes, when it is time for Jessica to unleash what she has un-relentlessly trained for, her fighting skills simply become reactionary and instinctual.

Sounds a bit surreal, but once you know more about Jessica and see her in action, it all becomes just something to take in and admire. To put things in perspective, Jessica's life experiences would have been too much to bear for most, but given the strength of her spirit, life's challenges have simply made her stronger, more sensitive to other's challenges, and have clearly taught her that anything can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and always striving to be the best person you can be in every facet of life. Jessica is a Mexican American, raised in Houston Texas by just her mom and two older brothers, as she lost her Father when she was just 6 years old. Tragedy struck again 10 years later when she lost her brother in an auto accident.

Whether it was by choice, by fate, or lack of options, Jessica had to grow up quickly, accept major family responsibilities early in life, and quickly learn that the best coping solution is to always focus on the positives, work your hardest at the things you can control in life, and always treat others with respect – lessons that have served her extremely well. Jessica learned at a very early age that she was gifted when it came to sports. Unfortunately, Latin culture at that time, and more important, her mother's belief - is that girls and competitive sports should not mix. Not surprisingly, Jessica was relentless, and begged until her Mother let her play sports. Jessica was a natural as she excelled at basketball, track, soccer, softball, and basically any sport she committed herself to. Jessica's athletic accomplishments through childhood and high school yielded her many personal and team championship awards, as Jessica proved not only to be a great competitor, but constantly proved that she could do anything that she set her mind to do. But her Mother never embraced her athletic interests, and instead wanted Jessica to just be the best student she could be. Not a problem – As Jessica's work ethic, ability to focus, and ravenous desire to continually learn consumed all facets of her life –she completed high school one year early – but instead of leveraging her academic and athletic accomplishments into a college scholarship, contributing to immediate family financial needs became her higher priority and Jessica instead went to work as a Lab Tech/Specialist at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank working there 5 years and contributing to her family's income needs.

Jessica's good looks, smooth athletic style, and positive energy resulted in her friends convincing her to move to pursue a career in acting, a challenge she accepted immediately and found a new job in LA. Jessica soon learned that while she loved acting, earning a respectable living would be all but impossible for a rookie actress that had no formal training. During one dry acting patch, Jessica decided to move to Oregon and found steady work – this time as a correctional officer in the state prison system – another life experience that enabled Jessica to take on major new challenges in life without any fear. But within a year and a half, her former acting experience actually yielded a unique opportunity as Jessica was sought out for Spanish actress roles and a film job in Miami, which she accepted which led to other roles in an Italian film, with Dexter (a Showtime Series), and Johnson & Johnson commercials filmed in the Philippines.

Jessica embraced acting work when it was available, as full time work and adequate pay were a perpetual challenge. But in her free time, Jessica kept in great physical shape always spending as much free time as possible in the local gyms and fitness centers. On a lark, in December 2005 Jessica signed up a local Gym called Punch Fitness that happened to also offer Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes – a new challenge – one that gave Jessica a special rush and she proved to be an absolute natural. Just one month into her new BJJ training, her instructors convinced her to compete in a regional North American Grappling Association (NAGA) tournament as they and her both wanted to see what she was really capable of – and natural abilities severed Jessica well – as she won 1st place in her division. Jessica was pumped – and could not wait for her next tournament – and was disappointed to learn that the woman's division was not included. As luck would have it, a local MMA professional fight promotion just lost one of their female fighters and needed a quick replacement to fight against Lisa Ward who was then a top 10 ranked female professional fighters in the world. Jessica immediately sought out the opportunity, even though her 2 months of total BJJ experience was nothing compared to Lisa Ward's many years of professional fighting and her 2 time FILA World Grappling Championships. And conventional wisdom was right, Jessica lost her first MMA fight which she had a week to prepare for, but more importantly – Jessica proved to the world that she was the real deal and with just a few months of BJJ and a week of MMA experience that she could very effectively compete at a world elite level. During the rounds of battle Jessica's heart and determination won her countless fans as she refused to tap out, even when her arm was nearly broken.

Jessica's new challenge – how to become a world MMA Champion? Jessica was now 110% committed to becoming the best. Fight promoters were seeking her out – and then some very good fortune came her way. Jen Boronico, a dear girl friend from one of the gyms she trained at also happened to train BJJ and golden glove boxer – Jen gave her a simple message – "If you want to be the best you need to train with the best"– She took Jessica into American Top Team where she signed up as a regular student and was introduced to Marcos "Parrumpinha" DaMatta who is one of the BJJ instructors at American Top Team – the single largest and best known professional MMA fighter gym on the planet. Jessica was apprehensively welcomed, as becoming a true professional MMA fighter takes years of training starting often at very early childhood ages. So the likely hood of Jessica becoming a true highly skilled MMA fighter would be a huge long shot, especially considering that her 1st (and perpetual) impression with everyone in life is that she is the ultimate girl next door – Just too nice to be a "Fighter". But, based upon her recommendations and sincerity, Jessica was given the chance to prove she was capable of training at ATT as a professional fighter. No one has ever looked back – since becoming the number one ranked straw weight in the world in 2012, Jessica has convinced everyone that not only does she have the work ethic, the heart, the fierce competitive spirit that is needed to be a professional fighter but a champion as she is currently the straw weight belt holder for the World Series of Fighting – she has simply earned everyone's respect.To put this into perspective – Ricardo Liborio, a Master Carlson Gracie awarded Black belt and now the highest ranking awarded BJJ Red & Black Belt and operator of American Top Team proudly tells anyone about how great Jessica is and how much better she becomes every day. Liborio, also happens to be the head coach of the USA National Grappling Team which just won the 2009 FILA World Championship – with 11 gold medal winners – the 1st Gold Medal was won by Jessica as she is now the defending Woman's No-Gi World Grappling Champion. Jessica, is now a brown belt under Ricardo Liborio and now trained by group of American Top teams coaches: Strength & Conditioning coach Everton Bittar who is a BJJ blackbelt with a bachelor’s degree in physical education, Wrestling Coaches: Mike Brown who is a former WEC Champion who now fights for the UFC and is also an asst. MMA coach & Kami Barzini a highly experience wrestling coach who helped coach in 2004 and '08 the U.S. Olympic Trials, Muay Thai Coach Katel Kubis Bandeira– a highly accomplished fighter & trainer who also trains pros such as Robbie Lawler, Thiago "The Pit Bull" Alves, Antonio Siilva, among many others top athletes and she trains side by side with some of the world's best black belts and MMA Fighters such Felipe Liborio, Ramiro Ruiz, Brad Pickett, Gezary Matuda, Dustin Poirier and her corner men include champions such as fighter Mike Brown, Katel Bandeira, Ramiro Ruiz, Master Ricardo Liborio. While Jessica is self managed and self promoted, she immediately points out that the ATT family is such a huge part of her success, as Owners Ricardo Liborio and Dan Lambert have also played a key role in providing career decisions and business advice.

Fighter Career Stats

Fighter Status: Professional
Fighting Style: MMA
Nickname: JAG
Win | Loss | Draw | NC: 18 - 4 - 0 - 0
Club/Gym: American Top Team
Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weight: 115lbs (53kg)
City: Houston, TX | Coconut Creek, FL
State: Florida
Country: USA

2 (T)KOs ( 11 %)
8 Submissions ( 44 %)
8 Decisions ( 44 %)

1 Submissions ( 25%)
3 Decisions ( 75 %) Stat Page


"...Given Jessica's incredible charisma, "Go Girl" mindset, ability to nurture others while being a world class fighter, her awesome positive energy field, good looks, professional acting / spokesperson experience – it will be very interesting to see what type of corporate sponsors will be attracted to Jessica and her "Positive Female Empowerment" communication abilities. Corporate America might not be ready to embrace Woman's MMA – but I am sure that they are ready to embrace Jessica as all of us around her do every day..."

Tom Hill

"...If you are not a MMA, Jessica "JAG" Aguilar fan, you are missing out big time as this is what the sport is really all about...."

Jen Boronico