Who is Jessica Aguilar?

A type "A" go girl who is on a mission!

Jessica is an amazing individual in terms of her priorities in life, passionate work ethic, how she is continually seeking out others to help, is greatly appreciated for her huge heart; and in addition to just being incredible warm and caring human being – Jessica is also an extremely fierce competitor, and demonstrates this every time she steps onto a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) mat or into a fighting ring or cage. The transformation from her "girl next door" demeanor into her "warrior fighting" mode must be seen to appreciate, as it all starts with the perpetual twinkle in her eyes morphing into a laser focused determination that can best be described as a pure predator mode. Hard to imagine, even when you are observing this 1st hand, as Jessica perpetually beams and radiates positive energy that is 2nd to none, then as if a switch has been flicked on, this petite 115 pound sweetie instantaneously becomes an absolute fighting machine as her eyes alone tell you that there will simply be no escape from her explosive aggressive fighting style. Yes, when it is time for Jessica to unleash what she has un-relentlessly trained for, her fighting skills simply become reactionary and instinctual.

Sounds a bit surreal, but once you know more about Jessica and see her in action, it all becomes just something to take in and admire. To put things in perspective, Jessica's life experiences would have been too much to bear for most, but given the strength of her spirit, life's challenges have simply made her stronger, more sensitive to other's challenges, and have clearly taught her that anything can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and always striving to be the best person you can be in every facet of life. Jessica was born in Mexico, raised in Houston TX. by just her mom and two older brothers, as she lost her Father when she was just 6 years old.

Tragedy struck again 10 years later when she lost her brother in an auto accident. Whether it was by choice, by fate, or lack of options, Jessica had to grow up quickly, accept major family responsibilities early in life, and quickly learn that the best coping solution is to always focus on the positives, work your hardest at the things you can control in life, and always treat others with respect – lessons that have served her extremely well.

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